Fill Dirt


1 – 24 yard loads

Fill Dirt For Your Projects

Dirt, it’s the foundation for every project. So whatever you’ve got in mind dirt is either already in place, or it needs to be brought in.
  • Fill dirt is great for changing the slope of your land to either make it more enjoyable or redirect water.
  • It is ideal for filling in ugly and unsafe holes left from over from removed stumps or from erosion.
  • Use it to backfill retaining walls and extend your usable space.

Fill dirt is typically excess material from an excavation site such as a new home, swimming pool, road, or septic tank. Chatt Soil does its best to source dirt that is Clean. Clean Dirt means dirt that is free of super sized rocks, large roots, debris, and “honey pot” treasures. Honey Pots were holes that people dug up when building homes in back in the 90’s and earlier where they buried their construction trash.

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**Fill Dirt is a not kept covered and is subject to weather, during winter months dirt may be wet and muddy for prolonged periods.**

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Fill Dirt FAQ

1. Fill dirt is sourced from excavation sites such as new construction, swimming pools, and septic tanks.

2. Honey pots are holes that people dug up when building homes in the 90’s and prior when they buried their construction trash

3. Pic for reference actual product appearance may vary.

Delivery FAQ

We highly recommend equipment for loads >7Y.

Product requires 2 days of drying time to meet quality standards

Things To Consider

Fill dirt is typically made up of a mix of soil, sand, and clay. The composition of the material can affect its properties, such as its compaction, drainage, and fertility. Consider the characteristics of your site and the intended use of the fill dirt when selecting the appropriate composition.

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One tree planted

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One Tree Planted is a non-profit that is dedicated to global reforestation. The organization was founded in 2014 with a mission to plant trees in areas that have been impacted by deforestation, wildfire, and other environmental disasters.

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