River Rock Pea Gravel


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River Rock Pea Gravel

Harvested directly from rivers and estuaries, this natural aggregate is a gorgeous option for decorative applications. After eons of rushing water flowing over it- the pieces are smooth. It is often used on walkways or as an accent around trees and landscaping.  

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River Rock Pea Gravel FAQ

How is river rock pea gravel different from other types of gravel?

  • River rock pea gravel is distinguished by its small, smooth, and rounded shape, which sets it apart from angular gravel varieties. Its natural appearance and range of earthy colors make it popular for aesthetic applications.

Delivery FAQ

How narrow of a space can a truck fit thru?

  • Small trucks require 10 feet, while the big ones need 12 feet of clearance.

Things To Consider

River Rock Pea Gravel is not typically recommended for high-traffic areas such as driveways, as the small size and rounded shape can make it less stable under heavy loads. It is best suited for decorative or low-traffic areas.

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