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Pine Bark MulchOut Of Stock

Pine Bark Mulch Pallet


per pallet

(70) 2 Cubic Foot Bags per Pallet

Pine Bark Mulch is double shredded and has roughly the same consistency as Hardwood Mulches. Pine Bark Mulch has a naturally rich brown color, and therefore will not fade as quickly as dyed products.

· Retains soil moisture and conserves water for healthier plants
· Inhibits weed development
· Reduces soil erosion
· Insulates plants from extreme temperatures
· Long-lasting, attractive appearance

Bulk Black MulchOut Of Stock

Bulk Black Mulch


per truck load

All Natural Black Mulch

Made from shredded hardwoods and an all natural colorant this mulch won’t introduce toxins into your landscape.

  • Long lasting color means less time spent replacing it.
  • Mulch reduces erosion and keeps your plants healthier.
  • Reduces weeds development keeping your landscape beautiful.

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Pine Nugget Mulchpine-nugget-mulchOut Of Stock

Bulk Pine Nugget Mulch


per truck load

Long Lasting Beautiful Pine Nuggets

Pine Nuggets have been removed from trees and screened to size (1/2″ – 1″). Decorative ground cover for all your landscaping needs. Pine Bark Mini Nuggets have a naturally rich brown color, and therefore will not fade as quickly as the dyed products.

  • Long lasting attractive appearance
  • Insulate plants from extreme temperatures
  • Retains soil moisture for healthier plants.

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