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Premium Top Soil


Per Bag

Top Soil for Your Landscape and Garden Needs

This product has organic matter such as stick, twigs, and bark. It is ideal for filling holes, patching, and seeding lawns. Also wonderful for adding volume to your raised garden and vegetable beds.

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Harwood MulchOut Of Stock

Hardwood Mulch


per bag

Made with All-Natural, Shredded Forest Products. Decorative and protective ground cover for all your landscaping needs including trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and gardens.

· Natural, long-lasting color provides attractive appearance
· Shredded, fiber texture ideal for sloped areas
· Helps moderate soil temperature
· Conserves soil moisture
· Reduces weed growth
· Maintains landscape shape and prevents soil erosion
· Easy to spread and grips contour

(70) 2 cubic foot bags per pallet.

Brown MulchOut Of Stock

Bag Brown Mulch


per bag

2 Cubic Foot bags

Made with All-Natural, Shredded Forest Products and Long-Lasting Brown Colorant. Premium Brown Mulch has been double ground and screened to ensure the quality of our product.

· Helps retain ground moisture
· Reduces weed development
· Moderates soil temperature
· Vibrant, long-lasting color
· Prevents soil erosion
· Easy to spread

(70) 2 cubic foot bags per pallet.

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Cypress Mulch


per bag

Shredded Cypress Mulch has a naturally rich color, and therefore will not fade as quickly as the dyed products. This mulch has been double ground and is an excellent ground cover for all your landscaping needs.

· Helps maintain soil temperature
· Decay and insect resistant
· Controls weeds development
· Retains Moisture
· Shredded to help Prevent Floating

(70) 2 cubic foot bags per pallet.

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Black Mulch


per bag

2 Cu Ft bags. Made with All-Natural, Shredded Forest Products and Long-Lasting Black Colorant. Premium Black Mulch has been double ground and screened to ensure the quality of our product.

· Helps retain ground moisture
· Reduces weed development
· Moderates soil temperature
· Vibrant, long-lasting color
· Prevents soil erosion
· Easy to spread


(70) 2 cubic foot bags per pallet.

TopsoilBulk Top Soil Delivery

Bulk Planting Soil


per truck load

Planting Soil for all your planting needs

In this sifted Planting Soil you’ll find a rich brown color with small bits of twigs and sticks mixed in. This mixed in organic material will act as nutrients for your soil once it begins to decompose leaving your soil healthier than when you first got it.

  • Use this in your flower and vegetable gardens for a layer of quality soil resulting in healthy plants.
  • Using it around shrubs and trees with exposed roots will help keep those plants covered up from the elements and strong.

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Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt


1 – 24 yard loads

Fill Dirt For Your Landscaping Projects

Perfect for filling in all kinds of large holes from swimming pools to removed stumps. Find out how you can best use fill dirt in your landscape.
  • Great for leveling your yard for a comfortable flat place to play and hang out.
  • Ideal for filling in those ugly and unsafe holes left from over from stump removal or sink holes.
  • Backfilling retaining walls and extending your usable space.

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mushroom compsotCompost PalletOut Of Stock

Mushroom Compost


bag / pallet

Boost plant growth with Mushroom Compost

How Can Mushroom Compost Improve Your Growing:

  • It adds nutrients to your soil giving your plants food for the season.
  • Increases the water holding capacity of the soil meaning you water less often
  • Helps to break up and amend heavy clay soils over time.

(60) 1 cubic foot bags per pallet

57 GravelScale of 57 Gravel

#57 Gravel


1 – 24 ton loads

A versatile and excellent draining gravel.

#57 is a mixed gravel of 3/4″ & 1/2″. This mixture creates a locking effect that promotes excellent drainage and a tight fit that stays in place.

How can #57 gravel to improve your projects?

  • Anywhere drainage is of the upmost importance: trenches and french drains are two common applications.
  • The size of this gravel locks up well and doesn’t shift around much making it great for flat driveways and roadways.
  • A wonderful base material for roads, parking pads, sewage lines, and underground pipes.

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standard soil

Natural Soil


2 – 24 yard loads

This Unsifted Tennessee soil has some clumps and small roots in it because it’s an unrefined soil. Now that doesn’t make the soil low quality. This soil has been gaining nutrients for over 20 years as part of an all natural working cattle farm. This soil is rich and will promote healthy growth in lawns and gardens.

  • expect clumps and small roots
  • areas that need lots of soil
  • big earth works projects
  • healthy soil supports growth

If you’re leveling your lawn or want an easy project see our sifted top soil.

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River Rock Pea Gravel


per ton

River Rock Pea Gravel

Hardwood Mulch

Bulk Hardwood Mulch


1 to 24 yard loads

All Natural Hardwood Mulch

This all natural mulch is made from a blend of hardwoods and has zero dye in it. It is the most natural hardwood mulch you can use around your trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and gardens.

  • All natural hardwood blend with no dyes or pallet materials for healthy landscapes.
  • Helps promote healthy plants by maintaining moisture and reducing erosion.
  • Most cost effective mulch available saving you money.

One yard is equal to thirteen 2 cubic foot bags.