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river rock

Bulk Creek Rock 3″-5″


per ton

Large Local Creek Rock

This Tennessee Creek Rock is 3″ to 5″ inches on average and some may up to 7″ inches. They are smooth, round, and come in a range of tan colors. Each ton covers 80 square feet.

  • Great for attracting attention to your landscaping
  • A good looking and functional erosion control
  • Useful in designing and creating water features
  • Used as a natural edging for walkways and flower beds

Product is currently 4-6 weeks out. Purchase today get in the queue.

Surge RockSuge Rock Pile

Surge Rock


1-24 tons per load

Surge Rock is typically used for erosion control. They are large rocks ranging from 6 to 8 inches in size. There are creative uses for surge such as Gabion baskets, fences, and raised beds.

  • Erosion control
  • Large retention ponds
  • Gabion fences or raised beds.