Chatt Soil Calculators

These calculators are intended to help you gauge how much material you will need to accomplish your project. They are set to the standard materials like Mulch, Soil, Dirt, and Gravels; such as Crusher Run and #57. For materials that are larger like #4 or Surge Rock their coverage will not go as far and you will need to add some material to your order to cover the intended area.

Crusher Run - 10 ton load

A 10 ton load of gravel has a footprint of roughly 10’x12′ and a height of 36″ inches.

Tips for Calculating Material

Add Some Extra

A large portion of the cost is in the delivery. It can be helpful to spend a little more to insure that you receive enough material to accomplish your project.

Dirt Will Settle With Time

Dirt will settle with time, use, and rain. It is important to consider mounding dirt when filling holes or grading.

Not All Material Is Equal

The larger the material the less coverage it will get. Conversely the smaller the material the further it will go. Order accordingly.