What is the price of a product?

You can visit any product and see the cost by selecting the quantity you are looking for

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Where are you located?

Chatt Soil does not have a physical location. We are a Direct from Source to Site company.

Can I pay with Cash or Check?

Chatt Soil does not accept cash or checks on retail sales. Commercial Accounts are eligible for term payments.

How much material do I need?

Calculating your needs is easy and can done by inputing square-footage or dimensions into our calculators.

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Which gravel is right for me?

To determine which gravel is right for you check out this in depth blog post about gravel uses.

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Difference between a yard and a ton?

“Yard” refers to the Cubic Volume of soil, dirt, and mulches. These products are calculated in Volume because their weight varies based on moisture content. Gravel, stone, and sand are sold by weight because their weight is remains constant while their volume changes based on the material size.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is calculated by the size truck, distance, and elevation gains. This is all done during the checkout process. Typically for “downtown” Chattanooga there is no additional delivery charges.

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Do you deliver on weekends?

We do not deliver on weekends, most suppliers are closed on those days.

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How Can We Help?

To talk to a soil savant call us at: (423) 277-2411

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